Total Care Telephonic Case Management


Our comprehensive integrated program provides substantial savings while improving outcomes for injured workers.

Our program for Workers’ Compensation integrates an array of tools to optimize care and minimize disability for workplace injuries.

All Total Care Management services are provided using a non-adversarial, highly collaborative process that achieves the best outcomes for employers and employees.


As soon as an injury occurs our care managers are prepared to coordinate medical care designed to speed recovery and facilitate return to work. Early intervention and assessment includes channeling the injured worker as soon as possible to carefully chosen providers or customized networks designed to serve your employee locations and provide ease of access for your injured workers.

When notified of an injury, care managers contact the treating provider, injured employee, employer and claims representative. Our nurses evaluate the treatment plan and make recommendations to enhance the quality and cost effectiveness of care. Using well established clinical protocols, hospital stays, surgeries and diagnostic procedures can be pre-certified and medical bills reviewed for appropriateness and accuracy.

Cases are handled through telephonic care management, unless our nurse believes significant benefits would be achieved with on-site case management and you concur. Recommendations will be made for other services if advisable to expedite recovery and return to work.

Our telephonic staff focus is on return to work for all lost time cases.


For exceptional results, turn to Total Care Management